Employment Opportunities

At S&L Therapy we are always looking for qualified additions to our growing practice.

- Speech-Language Pathologist, CCC
- Speech-Language Pathologist, CFY
- Administrative Internship
- Graduate Internship



What’s it like to treat at S&L Therapy?

We have devoted a lot of time, energy, and resources to make sure each treatment room is outfitted with some of the latest and most exciting tools and toys available. From a flat screen TV, Wii, Xbox 360, Kinect, iPad, and bubble machines, down to ensuring therapist treatment furniture is both comfortable and functional.   We have worked hard to create an environment that is both kid and therapist-friendly.   We also provide a large library of resources, activities, toys, games, and supplies for anyone to use in their sessions.

At S&L Therapy we allow for a therapist to carry a smaller caseload with time for daily prep built into every session (along with time for documentation).   Each clinician has control over the size of their caseload allowing for much greater flexibility.

Therapist Expectations?

We have extremely high standards for what takes place in a therapy session and for how progress is measured and tracked.   We have developed a custom software platform to assist each clinician in recording/tracking/measuring session notes, objectives, and goals.  This platform allows each clinician to see detailed information for a client in real-time providing them a unique ability to make adjustments faster and to help ensure the most effective therapy availably.

Our sessions are fun and productive, and we strive to have no compromise on either front. We provide a great deal of training, support, and oversight for our therapists to ensure that they have the strategies, resources, and tools to make sure their client caseload is making progress rapidly, and that they are enjoying their time at S&L Therapy.